EUROBEAT is delighted to be supporting two charities with the proceeds of the live voting at every show.

Every vote counts - not only for the 10 countries battling it out for your entertainment, but also to help these charities continue their excellent work in the community.

   Waverley Care logo

Waverley Care is Scotland’s HIV and Hepatitis C charity.

In everything we do, we are working to make a positive difference in the lives of people affected by HIV or Hepatitis C in Scotland.

Across the country, we’re reducing new infections, getting people diagnosed, providing support and challenging stigma. No matter who we work with, we strive to make sure that every person we meet feels respected and encouraged.

In 2016, we will mark 25 years of working with the Pleasance, a relationship which has generated over £350,000 in support of our work and provided a platform to raise awareness of HIV and Hepatitis C and challenge the stigma that continues to surround these conditions.


Dickens Legacy

'Dedicated to the advocacy of all rational and honest means by which wrong might be redressed, just rights maintained, and the happiness and welfare of society promoted’ Charles Dickens

Funds will be distributed to organisations and bodies that seek to fulfil Charles Dickens’s legacy by supporting those less fortunate in society and challenging the status quo. This includes supporting access to the Arts, Theatre and Literature.

‘He had a large loving mind and the strongest sympathy. He felt sure a better feeling, and much greater union of classes, would take place in time… and I pray earnestly it may.’ Queen Victoria’s Diary (11 June 1870)





The countries you are voting for should be separated by a space with your favourite first.
e.g. if you’re from Spain and you want to vote for Sweden, Ireland, Norway, Netherlands and Poland you would text as follows:

Sweden    : SE         Ireland: IE         Morocco: MA         Spain: ES         United Kingdom: UK
Ukraine: UA            Poland: PL        Vatican City: VA     Norway: NO    Netherlands: NL    

(Messages cost £1.00 + Standard Network Rate) All proceeds go to Waverley Care and Dickens Legacy.

Messages cost £1.00 plus your standard network rate. Please ensure you have bill-payers permission. Service provided by This is a charitable donation service, all votes are for entertainment purposes only. This is not a subscription service. Need Help? eMail or 0330 122 2990 (Standard Rate).  T&C