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Eurobeat Moldova - Beckman Unicorn - Craig Christie

★★★★★ 'Eurobeat is the biggest, most hilarious party in Edinburgh'

'A new comedy musical that will bring smiles to diehard Eurovision buffs and Euro-newbies alike… a non-stop fun, sequin filled extravaganza… a lot to get excited about… seriously good vocal performances from the cast… songs are infuriatingly catchy… everything you could want in a good night out alongside a quality performance that will keep you waving your flag with passion, laughing all night, and singing all the way home.'

★★★★★ B E S T  M U S I C A L
'Should be seen by as wide an audience as possible'

'The songs featured in Eurobeat are inspired. The production is littered with earworms and it has been a long time since I've left a new musical knowing so many of the songs. The hosts of the competition are outstanding. Rula Lenska is perfect as former KGB agent Katya Kokov and I was incredibly impressed with Lee Latchford Evans as three-time winner of Moldova's Got Talent, Nikolae Nikovsky. The innuendo is rife and the cultural stereotypes are brilliant and all delivered completely deadpan.'

Eurobeat Moldova - Beckman Unicorn - Craig Christie

★★★★ 'Pick a flag, grab a drink connected with that country and join in the fun'

'This is high camp influenced by Carry On, and no cultural stereotype is under exploited, and the show is all the better for it! Latchford Evans is in fine voice, Rula Lenska reminds us old enough to remember Rock Follies, that she is a commanding singer, and the energetic ensemble work their glitter balls off!'

★★★★ 'Hi-energy parody of Eurovision is a real mixed crowd-pleaser: no Brexit needed'

'It’s big. It’s glossy. It’s full of flag-waving Europeans.
An hour and a half of good value lovable fun, served with hearty dollops of inappropriateness and smothered in warm, comforting cheese. Hosted by Moldova, these Eurobeat finals are presented by ex-KGB member Katya Kokov (played with impeccable comic timing by the amazing Rula Lenska, who also shows how to rock a uniform) and multiple reality TV star, Nikolai Nikovsky (Lee Latchford-Evans proving his comic and character acting talent). Pure, unadulterated Euro-pleasure.' TV Bomb

Eurobeat Moldova - Lee Latchford-Evans - Beckman Unicorn - Craig Christie

★★★★ 'Sky-high production values… camp as a row of flagged tents'

Sky-high production values: costume design by Annie Gosney, in particular, is outstanding. His partner in crime is played by Rula Lenska – glamorous as ever – and pining for the days of the KGB… a wonderful pastiche of typical Eurovision entries. musicaltheatrereview

★★★★ 'Accessible, vibrant and thoroughly entertaining evening'

'Each song oozes the nostalgia of that mid-May Saturday night party we all love so dearly. The cast here have talent in abundance… Jessica Crowl as Sweden, opens the show with precision, punch and pizzazz, Cherelle Jay as a cheeky, yet perfectly suited Morocco, and Hans Rye who’s vocal gymnastics transport us through Northern Africa, all the way to a scantily clad Scandinavian in Norway. An accessible, vibrant and thoroughly entertaining evening at the theatre, that allows you to reminiscence about the good-old-days before politics took over our beloved singing competition. Grab your flag, choose your side, and head on down to Moldova!' WestEndWilma

Eurobeat Moldova - Rula Lenska - Oscar Balmaseda - Beckman Unicorn - Craig Christie

★★★★ 'Go and see Eurobeat. No seriously, get a ticket now'

'Transporting the audience to the harsh but remarkably glitzy world of Moldova are our hosts for this evening Lee Latchford- Evans and the simply divine Rula Lenska. They encourage the audience to wave their flags and vote for the winner, yes you read that correctly the audience decides the winner of Eurobeat: no politics necessary!
The musical numbers have astounding choreography at times and everyone involved gives themselves over to the performance… the humour, costumes and acceptance of all things ridiculous make Eurobeat everything the Fringe stands for.' EdFest Mag

★★★★ 'Eurovision fans rejoice as Eurobeat has hit Edinburgh'

'Featuring an all-star cast including Rula Lenska and Lee Latchford Evans, the show really packs a punch and with all the camp and hilarity you would expect from this satiric look at Eurovision, this big budget show will leave you thinking - wait, did I just watch a fringe show! If you are looking for a show that’s full of fun, catchy music, over-elaborate dance routines and all that The Eurovision Song Contest offers, I would more than recommend heading along to the spectacle that is Eurobeat… a really great production.'
The Scots Reviewer


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